There are different types of printing services available for different types of printing and different materials. Given below are some of the most commonly used printing services.

Screen printing:

Screen printing is also known as silk printing and works just like a stencil. Here the ink is passed through a screen onto the material on which the information has to be printed. Usually screen printing is used to print information on surfaces such as t-shirts, mugs, binders, glass, metal, ceramics, wood, paper and more. This method is not very expensive when compared to the other methods and this mainly due to the fact that inexpensive materials are used for the process. The other advantage of this method is that it can be used to print on uneven surfaces too. However the entire process is time consuming when compared to other methods.

Litho printing:

This method makes use of a design template which is prepared as per the requirement of the client. This method is also known as offset printing method and usually it is the method of choice for bulk printing especially for jobs such as magazines, newspapers as well as brochures. But this process can be bit expensive in comparison to the others as the plates have to be prepared. However the quality is the highest in this process and it is extremely fast depending on the machine and up to 50,000 pages can be processed in an hour.

Digital printing:

This method is becoming a very popular choice especially for home office or small business as well as commercial printing. Ink jet printing and laser printing are the two types of digital printing that are quite popular. As the name suggests, this method makes use of a computer, a software as well as digital printer. This method is usually opted for printing commercial advertisement materials.

These are some of the printing services offered by commercial printers these days. Depending on the type of output you require, you will have to choose the type of printing method and negotiate a price with the vendor you have chosen to ensure that you get right price.